Get the Silky Soft Skin You Want with Body Waxing

Everyone wants soft, silky smooth skin, especially now that spring is here, and summer vacations are just around the corner! Unwanted hair can get in the way, but shaving can be such a hassle. Thankfully, you can get that smooth, soft skin you want and get rid of that hair with the expert body waxing services here at Cameo!

What is body waxing?

If you haven’t tried waxing before, you’ve probably been shaving or using a hair removal cream to get rid of unwanted hair. Waxing is a more efficient technique for hair removal, using warm wax to capture the hairs and then removing them along with the cooled wax. You can use body waxing anywhere you’d normally shave or use other hair removal techniques, including the face, legs, arms, back, and bikini area.

Why is waxing better than shaving?

Long-lasting. Shaving uses a sharp razor edge to cut hair right at the skin’s surface. There’s nothing to stop those hairs from growing back right away, so that’s why you see and feel that rough, unsightly stubble so soon after shaving – sometimes the very next day! Body waxing pulls up the hair from the root, beneath the skin’s surface. Before that hair can grow back, the follicle needs to reform and start growing hair again, and that can take a while. Waxing usually lasts about three to six weeks!

No cuts. That sharp razor blade can be unkind to your skin, causing nicks and cuts that can even get infected. Waxing doesn’t use a sharp blade, so there’s no risk of cuts, scrapes, and nicks like you’ll get with shaving.

Exfoliating. When the wax is removed, body waxing has an added benefit – it gently exfoliates your skin. Exfoliating removes the layer of dead skin cells that coats your skin and can make it look dull and dry. Exfoliated skin looks bright and refreshed, and as an added bonus, exfoliating stimulates collagen production and skin cell renewal for healthy, young-looking skin.


Why is waxing better than hair removal creams?

In addition to being long-lasting and exfoliating, there are some extra benefits of waxing compared with using hair removal creams.

Non-irritating. Creams contain harsh ingredients that can cause rashes and allergic reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin. Waxing uses only natural ingredients that are non-irritating and leave your skin feeling great.

Effective. Hair removal creams don’t usually work very well, leaving your skin with hair in some places and no hair in others. Waxing is effective and reliably removes hair everywhere, with no patches of unwanted hair left behind.

How can I try waxing for myself?

At Cameo Salon & Spa, we offer a full range of professional waxing services to get you that silky smooth skin you’re looking for! From facial waxing for perfectly shaped brows to almost-bare bikini waxing, we’ll help you get rid of that unwanted hair so you can show off your style for the warm seasons ahead.

Waxing services are available at Cameo Salon & Spa for:

  • Face (lips, brows, and chin)
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Legs (full or half leg)
  • Bikini (regular or Brazilian)

The great thing about body waxing is that it’s great for everyone. We also offer men’s body waxing services to get rid of that unwanted hair so that you’ll look and feel great!

Men’s waxing services are available for the:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Ears
  • Nose

To get ready for your waxing appointment, be sure your unwanted hair is at least a quarter-inch thick so the wax can grip it. If you’re concerned about discomfort, talk to your Cameo esthetician before your appointment to discuss pain relief options. Most people feel little to no discomfort when waxing is done by an expert esthetician at Cameo Salon & Spa.

Get rid of that unwanted hair with expert waxing services at Cameo Salon & Spa. Make an appointment today and our expert estheticians will help you get that soft, smooth skin without the hassle of shaving! You can find us at 1817 Collier Parkway in Lutz, FL, call us at (813) 948-7411, or book your waxing appointment online with our convenient scheduling tool. It’s fast and easy to become a member of our Rewards! Join online today!