Effective Unwanted Hair Removal at Cameo Salon & Spa

Unwanted hair is a fact of life, whether it’s on your legs, your face, or another part of your body. In the past, the options for unwanted hair removal were limited, and shaving was the most common way to get rid of the excess body hair. Thankfully, there are new options available for hair removal including waxing, one of the most economical and effective techniques available.

Why is waxing better than shaving?

Long-lasting. After shaving, you probably notice stubble developing almost right away. This makes your legs or other shaved areas feel rough and unpleasant, so you have to shave again in just a few days. That’s because shaving does remove hair, but it does that by cutting it off bluntly right at the skin’s surface. There’s nothing to stop the hair from growing back right away.

When you have a professional waxing session at Cameo Salon & Spa, our expert estheticians use strips of wax to remove unwanted hair at the root. It takes time for that root to regrow, so waxing effectively halts hair growth in the treated areas until the root regrows and can begin the growth cycle. That whole process takes about three to six weeks, so for that entire time you’ll enjoy soft, smooth skin!

No cuts or scrapes. Waxing uses strips of wax, not a sharp razor blade, to remove hair. Shaving can cause lots of nicks, cuts, and scrapes that can be painful and unsightly and can even become infected. With professional waxing, your skin is protected from cuts and scrapes.

Gets easier over time. With shaving, you have to constantly repeat the process, and hair grows back looking even thicker than it was before shaving. With professional waxing, regularly removing the roots make them grow back weaker, so the hair that returns is thinner and easier to remove over time. That’s why keeping current on regular waxing appointments is so important.

Does waxing work for all unwanted hair?

Yes, waxing is an effective way to remove hair all over your body. At Cameo Salon & Spa, our professional estheticians can remove unwanted hair from your face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini areas, and more. We also provide professional hair removal for men for the back, chest, and facial areas.

How long will my waxing appointment take?

Appointment times vary for waxing services because each person has different needs. Your Cameo esthetician will estimate how much time your session will take at your consultation appointment, but it could range from just 15 minutes to about an hour or more.

How do I get ready for my waxing appointment?

There are a few things you can do before your appointment to prepare, especially if it’s your first waxing appointment. First, be sure that your unwanted hair is long enough for the waxing to grasp the hairs. This is normally about one-quarter inch long, so you’ll need to grow out your hair for about two weeks before your appointment date.

If you use products like moisturizers or Retin-A treatments, ask your professional Cameo esthetician about when to discontinue these products before your appointment. Moisturizers can generally be applied up until the day before your session, but you might want to stop Retin-A treatments earlier so your skin isn’t overly sensitive. And if you have prescription creams or treatments from your dermatologist, don’t stop using them until you consult with your doctor and tell them about your upcoming waxing appointment.

What can I expect after my waxing session?

Your skin will be soft, smooth, and hair-free after your professional waxing session. You may experience some redness or tenderness, and your expert Cameo esthetician will explain any aftercare procedures for your waxing services. In general, you’ll want to avoid things that might irritate your skin for about 24 hours like sun bathing or hot showers.

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