Love Your Hair with a Keratin Treatment

Keratin is important to so many aspects of our body. Our fingernails, skin, and hair rely on this protein to provide strength and build resilience in the cells that form these important parts of our body. This protein also allows tissue to resist damage that can be done from friction and minor trauma – such as scratching and rubbing. When used in our hair, a professional keratin treatment works by leveling or smoothing the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. Our hair cuticle absorbs the keratin so that our hair is smooth, full, glossy, and easier to style.

Florida is notorious for its humidity and heat almost all year-round. That means your hair more than likely has some frizz issues and it could become hard to style at different times throughout the year. Regular keratin treatments can help your hair be more manageable with less frizz and less hassle.

Strengthen Hair
When you indulge in our Fre’ Keratin treatment, your hair will be rewarded with more elasticity and added strength that helps your hair endure both high and low temperatures, as well as high humidity. Keratin protein is infused in your hair to strengthen the bonds of hair cuticles, preventing breakage, damage, and reinforcing the bond at the root to stop hair loss from damaged hair.

Customizable Treatment
We all are familiar with how shiny, silky, and straight your hair can be with a keratin treatment. What you may not be aware of is that you can get all the smoothing benefits of a keratin treatment while keeping your waves or curls. Simply meet with your Cameo Salon & Spa hair professional for a consultation and, together, you can customize your keratin treatment to suit your personal wants and needs. So, whether you love forgoing the heating tools for a silky straight look or want to keep your smooth, well-defined waves without the frizz, Cameo Salon can give you the results you want!

Repair Damaged Hair
When you get a keratin treatment at a professional salon, you will be sealing in keratin and other key ingredients to repair damaged hair while building a protective layer to keep your hair strong and to prevent future damage.

No More Frizz
At Cameo Salon & Spa, our Fre’ Keratin treatment leaves you with soft, smooth, easy to manage hair. The keratin works to smoothen your hair strands, removing the frizz from your hair. Our keratin is formulated to absorb into the hair cuticle from the root to the ends so your hair feels silky soft and takes less time to style each day.

Quicker Styling
That’s right! When you invest in a keratin hair treatment, your style time each day is reduced! Your hair will dry quicker, will be easier to manipulate and style, and will be more manageable all day long. Whether you decide to go straight or leave your curls, your hair will be smoother, healthier, and stronger, which results in great-looking hair every day.

Our keratin treatment takes about 90 minutes, depending on the thickness and texture of your hair. Your stylist will give you aftercare instructions so that your keratin hair treatment lasts a long time. We will also give recommendations on which hair care products are best for your keratin-infused smooth, silky hair. Using the correct professional haircare products will help to ensure that your keratin treatment will last for up to five months.

Make an appointment with Cameo Salon & Spa today for a professional keratin treatment to enjoy silky, smooth, healthy hair.  Find us at 1817 Collier Parkway in Lutz, FL, call us at (813) 948-7411, or book your hair appointment online with our convenient scheduling tool. It’s fast and easy to become a member of our Rewards Program and earn exclusive rewards! Join online today!