About Cameo

Our Salon

Ours is a world away. A world of soft sounds, warm touches, soothing ,glows, total wellness, and a renewed self, a spa like no other, a place that belongs to you. Our goal is to provide you with a place where silence and tranquility reign. Your health, beauty and comfort are our only concerns. Our atmosphere is designed to make you feel blanketed from the outside world, far removed from your worries and concerns.

Our staff of highly trained professional, creative designers and therapists are committed to their chosen professions. They are equally committed to providing exceptional quality, outstanding customer service and total body wellness.

Cameo Salon & Spa takes great pride in providing you with a relaxing environment. Help us maintain that atmosphere by silencing or turning off all cell phones and electronic devices.

Our prices are all starting prices and may vary with each provider.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in choosing Cameo Salon & Spa in Lutz, Florida.