Warm Up 2022 with Vibrant & Exciting Hair Colors

As we edge toward the New Year and the temperature plummets, we’ll be seeing toastier hues rise to the top of the hair color charts. Warming up your hair color will help warm the skin, and in the dead of winter when our tans fade and skin loses its color, it can all be made up in the hair.

Everything from warm honey highlights to pumpkin spice blonde to deep, dark reds will take the stage this season – however, we also predict that many will choose to show off their natural organic tones – just slightly enhanced. Let’s face it, many of us have learned to appreciate our natural hair color in 2020.

Pumpkin Spice Blonde. This is one hair color that is going to explode as 2022 kicks off. With its warm, rich tones, it’s meant to warm up dark roots while minimizing over-blonde ends to result in a pumpkin-type hue that’ll remind you of hot pumpkin-spice lattes on a cold winter night.

Deep Reds. Whether you’re a natural redhead or just one by choice, take the plunge into the rich, auburn hues. We’re seeing a lot of requests already for deep red with copper tone babylights to brighten up the skin tone when there’s lack of sunshine in the winter.

Fine Line Lowlights. Finely woven highlights accompanied with lowlights give you an all-over statement blonde. To ensure that the pieces are perfectly blended, and aren’t chunky, ask for some babylights too. This works best on short to medium length hair and gives you the perfect blend to stay blonde all year-round. Because of the mix between the shades, your hair will look fabulous even as your roots begin to grow out.

Honey Highlights. Another hot trend is these honey highlights – a gorgeous balayage using buttery golden tones with honey hues flowing through the hair. You’ll love this warm glow all season long. It’ll add lightness to darker hair, and for a more dramatic look, keep thicker pieces off the lighter tone closer to the root and your face.

Tone-On-Tone Colors. This trend was strong before and is making a strong comeback this season. The style is basically the one color with a variety of similar variations of that color all weaved throughout the hair. One example is a deep, rich brown with ribbons of warmer strands through the hair. Another is a vivid golden blonde with pieces of a gorgeous buttery shade framing the face.

Natural & Enhanced. Stay low-maintenance with your natural hue this season. We suggest glazing the hair to give your natural hair boost with a little depth but a lot of shine. If you choose, you can throw in a few tone-on-tone highlights with a brighter tone in the front to give your look greater dimension.

Platinum. Although platinum hair takes more hair care than almost any other hair color, it’s still one we’ll be seeing a lot of this year. A modern twist on platinum is to try a smoky natural root with a platinum length. If you want a bit more progressive look, try a grayer or pinkish tone with the platinum.

Icy Blonde. This shade is comparable to platinum and it’s a cool trend to match the winter season. If you don’t want to give in to a darker shade of blonde, stand strong with this vibrant shade – the icier the color, the better. The color is more isolated around the hairline and the first one-half inch of the part. If you frequently wear your hair up, your Cameo Salon stylist will concentrate on the hairline so it’ll look amazing with any updo.

Pink Lilac. If you’re a fan of pastels, you’ll be happy to know they aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. While this pink lilac, almost lavender hair trend is a big hit – we’re still seeing a big trend in “anime trending” hair in big colors like blue, green, and hot pink. Mix it up and try a couple colors either as a balayage or split it down the middle for a truly unique style.

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