Get Beautiful Body Art with Natural Henna Tattoos

If you love the look of body art but are nervous about needles, you’ve probably avoided getting that tattoo you’ve always wanted. Today, you can get the look you want in a beautiful, natural ink design without the needle with henna tattoos. At Cameo Salon & Spa, we’re thrilled to be able to offer this incredibly beautiful body art service for our clients. Here are a few of the most common questions we hear from our clients who are interested in henna tattoos.

What is a henna tattoo?

Just like it sounds, a henna tattoo has the look of a real tattoo, including intricate and customized designs. You don’t need to brave the needle to get a henna tattoo, because they’re a temporary version that lasts for several weeks and it not inserted into the skin using needles.

What is henna? Isn’t that for hair?

You may have heard of henna as a color treatment for hair. In addition to enhancing color, henna can actually strengthen hair because it binds with your hair’s keratin proteins.

Henna is a plant that’s also known as the Egyptian privet or mignonette tree. The compounds in henna plant leaves have been used for centuries as a completely natural dye for skin, hair, fabrics, and other substances. It’s a safe, natural dye that lasts a long time then eventually washes out, making it the perfect choice for temporary surface tattoos.

Are henna tattoos popular?

Because of the beautiful, intricate designs that can be created using henna, henna tattoos have become a huge trend for everyone who wants to include beautiful body art as part of their personal style! Lately, we’ve seen the demand for henna tattoos increase so rapidly that we now offer the service at Cameo Salon & Spa.

Henna tattoos have been an important part of some cultures for centuries, especially at and just before weddings, where the bride and bridal parties indulge in some beautiful designs for the special day.

Both men and women enjoy henna tattoos, especially since the art form allows for so many customized designs that add a special touch to your own personal style.

How long do henna tattoos last?

Depending on the size and intricacy of your henna tattoo design, you can expect it to fade in two or three weeks. Because it’s a surface tattoo, your Cameo henna tattoo artist will give you some homecare instructions at your appointment that will help your tattoo last as long as possible, such as avoiding exfoliating treatments in the tattoo area.

What’s it like to get a henna tattoo?

Getting a henna tattoo is an exciting experience. First, your tattoo artist will help you select the right design for you. Then, you’ll relax while your tattoo artist hand-draws the design on your skin using henna paste, which soaks into your skin for the dye effect. You’ll leave the paste intact for at least six hours – preferably longer – so it has a chance to set into your skin.

Your henna tattoo artist will explain how to care for your tattoo as the henna paste dries and how to remove it once it does. You’ll be left with a beautiful tattoo that you’ll enjoy for weeks to come!

In addition to giving you a beautiful body art creation, the experience of getting a henna tattoo is relaxing and enjoyable. The henna paste smells incredible, giving you a natural aromatherapeutic experience. You’ll also relax in our luxury spa while you watch your professional henna tattoo artist create a beautiful, artistic design. Our clients tell us that the application experience itself is worth coming back for more henna tattoos, even before the first one fades!

Are henna tattoos natural?

Henna is a natural, plant-based substance that’s safe on skin for almost everyone. We usually recommend a small tattoo for your first application so you can experience it before a larger design. If you have any concerns about your skin sensitivity, check with your doctor before your henna tattoo appointment.

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