No More Boring Hairstyles When You Learn New Style Tricks!

When it comes to your hair, there’s no reason to put up with a boring style. There are so many options out there for changing up your look for a new hairstyle, and it’s never too late to start! Let the expert stylists at Cameo Salon & Spa help you get the look you want. Here are a few of our favorite fun options for a new look!

Ideas by Hair Length

    • Short.  Try accessorizing for a new look with something that sparkles or a colorful headband. Love the slicked-back look? Just part it on the side and add some styling gel for a stunning, classy look. Short hair also looks great when it has a lot of texture. Ask your Cameo stylist for a layered short cut or try adding some curl for a fun style switch.

  • Medium.  Medium-length hair looks stunning in a blowout style, and it’s a great look for a special occasion. One cut that’s great at shoulder length is the lob, or long bob, a trendy look for any occasion. You can also try a 60s-inspired look with a fun flip outward at the ends.
  • Long.  Long hair looks incredible with a layered cut, especially if you have naturally wavy hair. You also have lots of options for updos since it’s easier to twist and tie when you have more length to work with. No matter which style you choose, long hair needs extra conditioning and frequent trims to keep it smooth and frizz-free.

Braid Options

  • Waterfall braids.  This trending style is a pretty way to change up your hair. It’s easier than it looks – you just overlap hair as you pull it back. Ask your Cameo stylist to show you the waterfall braid technique for a quick style change for any occasion.
  • Ribbons.  Match your mood – and your outfit – by braiding in a ribbon. Either choose a color that complements your outfit or one that matches the mood of your event, such as black for a formal event or colorful for something more casual.
  • Updos.  Braids are the base for some of the most elegant-looking updos, and they’re easy to do. Just braid, twist, and secure, and you’ll have a look that’s great even for a formal event.


  • Change the placement.  If you normally wear low ponytails, change the placement to a high ponytail to change up your look. You can also do the opposite, or even try a ponytail over to the side.

  • Hair tie hide.  Use your own hair as a hair tie – not really, but you can make it look that way by using a hidden hair tie and wrapping some of your hair around at that point to add a classy look.


  • Add bangs.  Just adding bangs can be a huge style change, because it alters the lines that frame your face. From short, fringy styles to long, dramatic curtain bangs, adding bangs can really make your style more exciting. The opposite is also true – if you always wear bangs, you can sweep them up and pin them into an updo to change up your look.
  • Grow-out tip.  Growing your bangs for some gorgeous new curtain bangs? If they’re in an awkward stage, just pin them back on both sides and the length will be less noticeable.
  • Fringe cut.  For a more stylized bang, ask your expert Cameo stylist to thin them out for a wispy bang cut.

Texture Boost

  • Overnight waves.  Get a beautiful mermaid-wave look by simply braiding your hair when wet, then leaving them in overnight. When they dry by morning, unbraid them and enjoy gorgeous waves.
  • Comfortable curls.  If you normally use curlers overnight but find them uncomfortable, try using the rag curl technique. Wrap your hair around your finger or a tube that’s the size of the curls you want. Pull them off and tie off the coil with a rag. You’ll get curly hair in the morning without the tossing and turning.

No matter which style you choose, caring for your hair will help keep it soft and management and professional-grade products are the best way to go. At Cameo Salon & Spa, we use only salon-trusted brands like Redken®, Pureology®, and L’Oréal Professionnel® to ensure that your hair is the best it can be. We’ll assess your hair’s needs and recommend a hair care prescription with professional treatments and homecare that will keep your hair silky smooth and frizz-free all year long!

Let the experts at Cameo Salon & Spa help you get the style you want. Make an appointment today and we’ll help you choose style options so you’ll never be bored with your look. You can find us at 1817 Collier Parkway in Lutz, FL, call us at (813) 948-7411, or book your haircare services appointment online with our convenient scheduling tool. It’s fast and easy to become a member of our Rewards Program and earn exclusive rewards! Join online today!