Treat Yourself to Regular Massages in the New Year

As the new year begins, many have made resolutions for better health. Managing stress is an important part of staying healthy, and regular professional massages can help. At Cameo Salon & Spa, we’re dedicated to helping improve your wellness all year long.

For many, massage is about relaxing, but it has so many more benefits for your health.

Less pain. There are many different causes of pain, and in many cases, regular massage can help reduce pain. Stiff muscles and muscle spasms can make pain much worse, and massage helps to relax these muscles to help lessen these effects.

Better sleep. Most of us don’t get enough sleep each night, and that may be caused by stress and tension. Regular massages help relax your body and mind so you can get the rest you need at night.

Fewer headaches. Tension and stress can also cause headaches, so setting aside time to achieve personal wellness through regular massages can help reduce the number of headaches you experience.

Improved circulation. Regular massages help stimulate blood flow, so your cells and organs get the nutrients and oxygen they need to work effectively. Massage also stimulates circulation in your lymphatic system, which drains toxins and wastes to optimize your health.

Less anxiety and depression. While professional massages relax your body, they also relax your mind and help alleviate some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety to help balance your mood.

Less stress. Stress can cause a number of symptoms that can negatively affect your health. Everyone has stress, but for some the effects can cause poor health. Taking steps to manage it like getting regular, professional massages can help alleviate some of these symptoms for better overall health.

These are just a few examples of the health benefits you’ll get from scheduling regular massages. You get the most benefit from massage when you schedule them regularly, and our expert massage therapists are here to help. Our menu of massage therapy options has something for everyone.

  • Swedish massage for general soreness and stress relief.
  • Maternity massage for a more comfortable and relaxed pregnancy.
  • Deep tissue massage for pain and specific muscle issues.
  • Desert hot stone therapy for relief from stress, anxiety, and muscle tension.

All of our massages are performed in our luxury spa atmosphere, with careful attention to detail that makes your massage treatment completely relaxing and enjoyable.

  • Soothing, peaceful music
  • Dim lighting
  • Aromatherapy candles
  • Relaxing sounds from our fountains

Want an incredible pampering experience? Try our Cameo spa packages for an invigorating wellness experience from head to toe. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, and our spa packages also make great gifts for any occasion. Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate in relaxation and pampering!

  • Signature Day at the Spa – a 6 hour experience with massage, facial, makeup application, mani-pedi, and shampoo and hairstyle.
  • For Men Only – a 4 hour men’s relaxation and grooming experience with deep tissue massage, gentlemen’s mani-pedi, and men’s grooming facial.
  • Relaxation package – a 2.5 hour massage experience with a one-hour Swedish massage and professional mani-pedi.

Our expert massage therapists will design a customized treatment for you with regular massages that suit your individual needs. We recommend at least one spa massage treatment per month to optimize the health benefits of this relaxing experience. Setting aside time for yourself is crucial to your wellbeing, so make a commitment to caring for yourself with regular professional massages in the new year.

Experience the difference of regular, professional massage therapy today at Cameo Salon & Spa. Our expert massage therapists will help you choose the right massage for your individual needs. You can find us at 1817 Collier Parkway in Lutz, FL, call us at (813) 948-7411, or book your hair appointment online with our convenient scheduling tool. It’s fast and easy to become a member of our Rewards Program and earn exclusive rewards! Join online today!