Mask-Friendly Timeless Hairstyles

Tired of wearing your mask and getting your hair caught in the

straps? Do you find yourself pulling your hair behind your ears and the straps

come off? As mask-wearing is still being recommended or mandated by many areas,

it’s wreaking havoc on some of our favorite hairstyles. This season we are seeing more open styles that are being pushed off the face, making the eyes more of a focal point.

You may be finding yourself throwing your hair back in a bun or updo to make things easier first thing in the morning, or it ends up that way by the end of the day. We have some great options for a little variation on some of our faves – a ponytail, messy bun, bouncy waves, twists, and braids. They all keep the hair off your face and make it easy to secure those loops from your mask behind your ears.

French Braids with a Ponytail Finale
The French braid is a feminine timeless classic that never goes out of style and has a lot of versatility. Whether it be running errands, working at the office, or attending a formal event, this style is perfect. Keep it sleek and smoothed back from your face for a professional look or pull a few wispies on each side for a soft romantic look. You can finish off your French braids with one ponytail or mix it up by ending it with two matching ponies at the end. You can even add some stylish clips, which can also be used to clip back your mask instead of looping it behind the ears. This is an easy-to-do style that can take you from boring to bold in no time.










Dashing Double Bun
Love this sleek look to keep even the shortest hairs close to your head and out of your face. It’s a perfect casual hairstyle that can easily be dressed up with some pearl clips or rhinestone bling. Tie your mask between the buns to give the area behind your ears a much-needed reprieve.

The key to this style is professional hair products. Use a heat protection spray from our selection of L’Oréal Professional products before blow-drying, then use some hair oil to smooth the hair back away from the face. Using a high-end professional hairspray, your double bun will last all day into the night and look as refreshing at night as it did in the morning. Finish off your look by dressing up your eyes with your favorite shades of eye shadow with Jane Iredale mineral makeup.

Slicked-Back Hair
Sometimes we just need a break from the constant updo’s – and letting your hair flow freely also helps to avoid hair breakage from wearing it pulled back too much. When you’re in the mood, a sleek, smoothed-back style is a perfect choice. Ask your Cameo Salon stylist which styling gel is the best for your hair type and apply to your hair from roots to ends. Comb through your hair while styling in place and pull the side strands behind your ears. Finish off with a lightweight hairspray that will hold your hair in place all day long without making it stiff or sticky.

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