Hair Color Correction for Healthy Beautiful Hair

Desperate times call for desperate measures – and part of that includes coloring your own hair when Covid-19 prohibited you from coming into our salon! If you’ve had to resort to covering your own greys, or you decided to try to change up your hair color, and now it’s brassy, two-toned, dull, or dry, don’t worry! Our hair color specialists at Cameo Salon can help you return your hair color to its healthy condition with a gorgeous color with our corrective color service.

What is our Color Correction Service? Think makeup concealer for your hair. Our corrective color service will correct those hair color imperfections while treating any hair damage that may have happened in self-coloring your hair. Your stylist will do a consultation to evaluate the condition of your hair and will work with you on the best solution to correct your hair color and get you the look you want. We use only high-quality professional hair color products that are specially formulated to give your hair vibrant, long-lasting color.

How long will it take to revive my hair color? Dependent on the correction needed, your hair type, the texture of your hair, and its condition, it can become a multi-step process. Your consultation will help your stylist form a solid plan on how long it will take to correct your hair color while moisturizing your hair so it’s soft and manageable.

If you’ve attempted to lighten your hair or you chose a lighter color than your natural color to cover your greys hairs, it could be as simple as adding a darker hair color over the top and blending to even out your hair color.

If you’ve dyed your hair a darker shade than your natural hair color, it may take a bit longer to bring your hair color back to where you want it. A color cleanse can be used to remove as much of the darker dye as possible. Then, the process can begin to lighten your hair while blending it so that it has some depth and dimension to it. This may take multiple appointments depending on the severity of your current color. We want to make sure your hair is as healthy as it can be without adding any further stress to your hair while we return it to its natural color.

What color options do you offer? We offer Redken Color, highlights, balayage, ombre, and lowlights. Men, we even offer a men’s camo color service for you! No matter which coloring techniques you choose, our stylists are Redken Specialists that stay up-to-date on the current techniques and trends to ensure that your hair is only being handled by skilled professionals.

If your hair could use some hair color TLC, give Cameo Salon a call to set up a consultation so that we can help! Our hair corrective color service can get your hair back to its vibrant, manageable, healthy condition in no time.

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