Keep Your Skin Healthy While Wearing Your Mask

Thankfully, salons & spas have been able to reopen, but not without the appropriate CDC guidelines which include mask-wearing. While it’s an effective way to stop the spread of COVID-19, masks can cause unwanted breakouts to your skin. At Cameo Salon & Spa, our team of PCA Skin Certified estheticians can give you some expert advice on skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and stop the breakouts.














There are three main reasons why acne breakouts happen with regular mask-wearing:

  1. Lack of circulation: When your mask sits against your face all day, regular air flow is restricted and the skin gets trapped underneath. When you reduce the air circulation and take into account the moisture that accumulates under your mask from breathing, it creates a warm, moist setting where breakouts can be caused by the bacteria that thrives in this environment.
  2. Friction: Wearing a mask all day causes friction to your sensitive skin around your mouth, chin, and cheeks. This can irritate your skin and if you mask fits snugly, it can exacerbate the issue.
  3. Irritation & inflammation. While masks should be made of lightweight, absorbent materials like cotton, this also means that it’s absorbing much-needed moisture from your skin, which can lead to irritation and inflammation from excessive dry skin. Having a material that is washed often can irritate delicate skin as well.

Unfortunately, we cannot throw away the masks just yet – they seem to be our “new normal” for the immediate future. So thankfully, there are some basic steps you can take to wear a mask and also keep your skin healthy and free from troublesome acne breakouts.

  • Cleanse and moisturize your skin regularly. A daily skin care routine is more important now than ever. Cleansing and moisturizing with specially formulated skincare products that are formulated for your skin type is key. Our professionals can help you determine if your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or a combination and recommend the right products for you.
  • Stick to only eye makeup. For many of us, leaving the house without makeup can be difficult. However, having clean skin under the mask will stop pores from being clogged and keep makeup from becoming caky from the moisture collected under the mask, and your makeup won’t rub off on your mask.
  • Choose a mask with a breathable material. If you are using a non-medical face mask, choose a fabric like cotton, a cotton-blend, or another lightweight material that will help to absorb the sweat while not becoming too hot.
  • Use sensitive-skin detergent. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, it helps to invest in a laundry detergent for your mask that is fragrance-free, doesn’t have harsh ingredients, and will help protect from irritation. Do not use fabric softener when washing your mask, as that can cause irritants as well.
  • Stop ear irritation. If you wear a mask with ear loops, the elastic can irritate the area behind your ears when worn all day long. There are extenders available that wrap around the back of your head where you can attach the elastic. Other options include using cute headbands or clips with a little bling.

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