Two bold, Stunning Hair Color Trends for 2020

It’s a new season, and we’re ready for a hair color change! There are plenty of gorgeous shades in the trends we’re seeing for 2020, but two of them stand out from the crowd. They’re bold, bright, and will really capture light from the sun as we roll into springtime.

Icy silver. One of the most stunning of cool tone shades, icy silver is – deservedly – continuing to have a moment for spring 2020. You can pull it off as an amazing all-over color or as balayage highlights that shimmer in the sun. We love icy silver because it looks so gorgeous with just about any skin tone and works with any length or style.

Caring for icy silver can be challenging, so be sure to ask our colorist about the right products from Redken®, Loreal or  Pureology® to keep it looking bright and shimmering. Using the wrong shampoo or styling product can make your color look dull and wash out its vibrancy. Icy silver is best maintained by using a purple shampoo (which complements the tone) used only every two to three days. Conditioning is a must, because your icy silver color will look smooth and glossy with well-conditioned hair. Great conditioning calls for a regular deep conditioning treatment or mask, along with using a silver toning conditioner to ensure softness and shine.

Fiery, rich red. This season, our favorite shade of red is bright, bold, and fiery. Poppy red is a warm, bright shade that really stands out in a crowd to get you noticed. It’s the iconic, vintage Hollywood look that says you are confident and independent as you face the world each day.

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Caring for a bold red can be just as challenging as icy silver, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Our professional colorists can help you select the perfect homecare regimen to keep that red looking bright and bold for months to come. The first step is waiting before shampooing to ensure that the cuticle has completely sealed in the color. Your Cameo colorist will provide guidance for how long you should wait based on your hair’s needs. Once you do begin shampooing, you’ll want to use a sulfate-free, professional product designed for your hair type and for color-treated hair. Regular hair masks and deep

conditioners are a must, because smooth hair reflects light best and will make your red look more vibrant. Again, be sure to only use professional products recommended by your Cameo colorists. Finally, shampoo infrequently to hold that color in, especially for bright red colors, about two or three times a week, and use a dry shampoo in between to keep things fresh.

Our professional colorists use Redken® color for bright, vibrant, beautiful shades that last. Redken® was started back in 1960 by Paula Kent (later Paula Kent Meehan), then an actress and fashion model, along with her chemist, Jehri Redding, who had been developing special products for her sensitive hair. Over the years, Redken® has stayed true to its mission of delivering the most exceptional science-based haircare products to professional stylists for use on their clients. The emphasis is on gentle yet effective ingredients that nourish and protect hair while providing vibrant, beautiful color. We are proud to provide Redken® color for our clients at Cameo Salon & Spa.