Top Hairstyle Trends for 2020: Shags, Pixies, and Mullets

At Cameo Salon & Spa, we love helping our clients try out the latest hairstyle trends! We’re really excited about the 2020 trends, which bring back some of the most iconic styles with a decidedly modern twist. If you’ve been thinking about a hairstyle change, here’s a rundown for you of some of the latest trends and how you can make them your own.

The shag. Nothing says chill and confident better than a shag. It’s all about layers – lots of them – and what’s great about shags is how versatile they are. Whether you like your hair short, long, or somewhere in between, a shag works for you. Shags are one of the top requests from our clients this season. It works best for those with very fine hair or medium-fine hair, because all those layers add extraordinary volume. Shags are easy to care for, too, since you can either blow dry or let it air dry naturally and it just falls perfectly into place. A shag suits your style if your wardrobe style is bold, trendy, confident, and decidedly self-assured.

The shag originated in the 60s and really had a moment in the 70s, where it became a classic, iconic style. This season’s trends update the shag for 2020 with more layers on the bottom as opposed to just the top like the older style, and with the option for longer lengths rather than just stopping at the shoulders. You can also modernize it by adding bangs, and it works really well with long curtain bangs or layered fringe that works right into the shag layers.

The pixie. Lovers of short hairstyles, this season is for you! The pixie is back in full force, designed for the discerning woman who’s not afraid to show her true self to the world. The pixie is more than just a short haircut. It’s sophisticated, gorgeous, and attracts a lot of attention. It showcases all the beautiful features of your face and lets your unique personality shine through. Pixies are very customizable – make it your own by varying the part line or even by a close buzz on the side or back with longer layers flipping over the sides. Pixies suit wardrobes that are chic, sophisticated, and stylish but always ready to have a great time.

The pixie cut goes way back to the 50s when popularized by animated movie fairies, especially Tinker Bell, and celebrities like Audrey Hepburn made them all the rage in her debut film. Pixies have a lot of staying power, rising in popularity over the years, especially when worn by celebrities like Halle Berry. They’re shining bright again this season, with a ton of ways to customize them, from the slicked-back look to spikey to long and layered.

The mullet. The mullet is back! No, it’s not the same style they had in the 80s. It’s completely modernized and having a lasting moment for the 2020 season. Mullets are any style that’s shorter in the front and longer in the back, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a stark, obvious difference. Today’s mullets for women let you pull off the style even with the illusion of a longer back, with layers and curtain bangs that frame your face and set up the back to appear longer. Like the shag, modern mullets are all about the layers with a softer but still edgy style. The wardrobe that best shows off your mullet is modern with a carefree, independent style that’s casual and relaxed.

The mullet originated as a men’s style in the 80s, but women brought it into the modern age by softening it up and making it their own. Update it for 2020 with more layers and length.

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